Yoga Classes at The Light House

"You showed me compassion, warmth, genuine empathy, guidance and care. From the bottom of my heart thank you for teaching me, not only yoga but more meaningful and valuable life qualities that my mind, body and spirit had lost."

 Carol Egberts, former student

Over the past decade, I have taught yoga in corporate and small business environments, schools, gyms and yoga studios. I've observed the powerful benefits that movement, mindfulness and breathwork have on our mental health, not only in my own life but in the beautiful people I have been fortunate to have in my classes.


I began practising yoga in 2009 at a Jivamukti inspired studio in Geelong, Victoria and soon after completed my kid's yoga teacher training and an advanced diploma at the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne, a comprehensive year-long course rooted in Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga, developed by the talented Dominique Santana Salerno.


In 2016, I completed my mat-work pilates instructor training at Yoga & Pilates Styles in Victoria. I infuse pilates principles into all of my classes to help combat the negative effects that our modern lifestyle has on our body including weakened core postural muscles, stiffness in the spine, postural imbalances and lower back issues in many people.


I’ve had the privilege of teaching all walks of life, from primary school and high school kids to adults with health concerns and injuries, to those navigating yoga in pregnancy and complete beginners through to advanced practitioners. I strive to make classes both welcoming and inclusive for everyone. 

Classes are held at The Light House

40 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin 4223 QLD

An inclusive class for everybody – community yoga provides you with a grounding, energising and moderately paced yoga practice designed to help you unwind, relax and reconnect. Includes a full-body sequence of hatha yoga postures, breathwork techniques, guided mindfulness and meditation. Suitable for beginners to yoga, men, and women in pregnancy and postpartum.

A gentle, therapeutic and energising morning flow designed especially for pregnancy to help release the physical and mental tension that is inevitable in growing a tiny human! This class will help you to maintain good posture, balance, core strength and flexibility while preparing your body for labour and birth. Includes yoga postures, breathwork techniques, guided mindfulness and meditation.

A super relaxed and laid-back class for new mamas to do something fun and therapeutic with their little one in a like-minded and supportive community. Includes gentle movement, hatha yoga and breathwork. You’re welcome to bring your little one along after your six-week postpartum check just to ensure you’re all clear to start moving again. Welcoming bubs any age up to 12 months.

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