Join Erin for the first of her series of Monthly Mindfulness Workshops at The Light House.

Friday 6th of November 6.00 - 7.30pm

This workshop is ideal if you’ve been feeling ungrounded, disconnected, anxious, stressed or depleted and are seeking a safe and welcoming space to slow down, nurture yourself and connect inward. We’ll explore how stress and anxiety impact the brain and nervous system, the psychology and benefits of mindfulness-based practices for mental health, and work through guided journaling exercises and various practical approaches to mindfulness which you’ll have in your self-care ‘toolkit’ to draw upon in times of need. The workshop finishes with a nourishing extended meditation.

Overall, the workshop will include:

Guided journaling 

Body awareness

Yoga & mindful movement

Breathwork techniques

Deep relaxation

An extended meditation
Herbal tea

Available to anyone over 16 years of age
Both men and women, pregnant/non-pregnant.

What to bring:
A yoga mat, water bottle, journal and pen


Investment: $35 per person
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