Workshops at The Light House

Join Erin for her series of Mindfulness Workshops in Currumbin, Queensland

To Be Mindful – Supporting Your Mental Health

This workshop is ideal if you’ve been feeling ungrounded, disconnected, anxious, stressed or depleted and are seeking a safe and welcoming space to slow down, nurture yourself and connect inward. We’ll explore how stress and anxiety impact the brain and nervous system, the psychology and benefits of mindfulness-based practices for mental health including breathwork and yoga, and work through guided journaling exercises and various practical approaches to mindfulness which you’ll have in your self-care ‘toolkit’ to draw upon in times of need. The workshop finishes with a nourishing extended meditation.

Next Workshop:
Friday 5th February 6.00 - 8.00pm QLD time

Investment: $40 per person

Spots are limited for this workshop

Nourish & Flow – A Restorative Practice 

Nourish & Flow builds upon Erin’s educational workshop ‘To Be Mindful’ and offers you a full sensory experience to deepen your practice of mindfulness and self-care. The evening includes breathwork to support your nervous system, restorative hatha yoga to improve your posture, balance and flexibility and aromatherapy and relaxation to help you feel grounded and centred. We finish our practice with reflective journaling allowing you time and space to reconnect with your values and intentions moving forward. While it's not essential, it is highly recommended that you first come along to the above workshop which sets the foundation for the practices explored further in Nourish & Flow.


Next Workshop:

Friday 18th December 6.00 - 7.30pm QLD time

Investment: $30 per person

Spots are limited for this workshop

What people are saying...

"Reading about the workshop, I knew this was a must-do. Even though I didn’t know a lot or have previously tried much of anything in the workshop, they were ALL aspects I knew I needed/wanted to incorporate into my life. Erin was so great, everything felt easy and simple (where I didn’t feel silly for being a beginner). We covered so much but spent a good amount of time on each element, therefore I left taking away so much from so many different sources of mindfulness. Can’t wait to do another – it’s certainly something all busy ladies need to do to become the best version of themselves. This experience has helped me realise so much and is going to assist me with day to day life. Thank you."
– Kirra (To Be Mindful)

"Erin is a fabulous teacher and knowledgeable workshop facilitator. She holds a safe space for people to come together and dive into the deep and vulnerable work of inner healing and wellness. Erin is very personable, and her energy is beautiful. She is a light to all who encounter her, and I would recommend her classes and workshops any day."

– Desiree (To Be Mindful)

"When I first met Erin in her Yoga classes, I could see how much of a beautiful soul she is. She is so caring, calm, and has such a beautiful energy about her that flows through the room. I went along to her Mindful Workshop to help with some of my anxiety, to pause and reflect on a lot of things that have happened to me this year. I can’t even explain how life-changing it was for me, going to her workshop gave me a lot of clarity and guidance. I was able to breathe without overthinking and I was able to just be in the moment. I've always been a very go-go person, so it meant a lot just to be able to stop and slow down. I will take the techniques I learnt and use them throughout my daily life now. Thank you, Erin, for holding this incredible workshop, which has helped me connect with my body and soul more than ever before. I would highly recommend this workshop to every single person that has anxiety, or who puts pressure on themselves to be a “better/bigger” person in life, so they can learn the true beauty of life, to just be, and be happy with just being."

– Felicity (To Be Mindful)

"Erin held a beautiful mindfulness workshop working on all aspects of breathing, journaling and yoga. It was an amazing atmosphere – feeling so relaxed and calm by the end of it. I recommend it to anyone looking for clarity, coping strategies and reminders to themselves that it is okay to slow down and look after yourself."

– Natasha (To Be Mindful)

"Erin's workshop was such a beautiful event. From the tiny details and the beautifully styled space - you instantly felt relaxed and calm upon entering. I was so engaged in the theory aspect and really enjoyed the personal stories that Erin shared. I loved the journaling section and have already started implementing this practice at home. Thank you, Erin, for sharing your gifts, I can't wait for the next workshop."

– Julia (To Be Mindful)

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