Young Mother's Collective

The Young Mother's Collective is a community support program with a vision to provide affordable support to young mama's and mama's to be across Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.


My goal is to provide a regular support group for young women (ages approx.16-22) approaching birth and motherhood with education on mindfulness techniques and healthy coping strategies to support their mental health through the transition into parenting. Participants begin during pregnancy ideally in the second trimester and continue after giving birth to twelve weeks postpartum, building a small and intimate support network of other young mum's also navigating this new chapter of life. Specifically, this program will provide education on how stress and anxiety impact our nervous system and the development of our baby, emotion regulation strategies, tips for infant bonding and attachment and will include breathwork techniques, yoga for pregnancy and postpartum, guided relaxation and self-reflection practices such as journaling.

My long term vision is to be able to provide free resources such as nappies, baby wipes and clothing to program participants who are experiencing vulnerable life circumstances and may have no support network or the ability to purchase the essentials required to care for their little ones.

Please register your interest in this program here and I will get in touch with you directly!

Support this program:
As young people are often just starting out earning a living or perhaps are still in school, expecting a baby can be a particularly stressful time, and I want access to good quality mental health support to be as affordable as possible. I'll be on the lookout for donations and sponsors to support this cause. If you would like to help out please get in touch at alternatively, you can "buy me a coffee" which provides a small donation to help me fund this program. Any support no matter how big or small really does make a difference and will help cover expenses in relation to venue hire, insurance, marketing and promotional expenses, purchasing of yoga mats and props, my time and energy to facilitate the program and transport to and from different locations. 

Your support really does mean a lot and is greatly appreciated.

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