Shifting our perception of suffering

When we seek meaning in our pain and suffering we enable ourselves to untangle our story, beginning the process of breaking free from the negative thought loops that hold us back.

In my experience, it’s not enough to simply try and ‘let go’ of our hardships, for letting ‘go’ has never provided me with a lasting sense of peace and understanding of my pain. Instead, the upsetting moments in my life left unprocessed often felt like open-ended questions, ones that must be continuously pondered.

I believe we have two options when it comes to our pain: to allow ourselves to remain caught up in our story and suffering, or we can choose to face our pain with integrity to feel deep sorrow, and to acknowledge it with every cell in our body. Then begins the work of re-framing the cause of our suffering.

Rather than asking “why did this happen to me?” and blaming the cosmos, we can ask more valuable and intelligent questions that involve seeking understanding and developing appreciation for our obstacles, which I feel are our greatest teachers. Try asking more empowering questions:

~ What can I learn from this? Is this experience trying to teach me something? ~ How can I grow and expand my consciousness? ~ What proactive action can I take to move through this experience?

~ Could I help others going through similar experiences?

~ What advice would I give to a loved one if they were in my situation? ~ Do I need to reach out to a professional to overcome this in a healthy way?

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