Reflections on my limiting beliefs and inner child work

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

What limiting beliefs stop you from pursuing what ignites your soul? What fears surround your ability to put yourself out there? I honestly believe that to be genuinely happy and fulfilled we need to be able to freely express ourselves.

For me, my fears and limiting beliefs revolve around allowing my true self to be ‘seen’ – for I’ve always feared that who I am day-to-day is not good enough – not talented enough, not knowledgeable enough and not pretty enough. When we become consumed by our perceived shortfalls and try to mould ourselves to fit the ideals we believe society deems essential to our success, we not only get in the way of experiencing true joy but we also prevent ourselves from expressing our unique personality and set of skills to support and uplift those around us.

The first step to overcoming such limitations and insecurities is to first identify them by bringing complete awareness to how they show up and impact our lives. Then we can make a conscious effort to trace them back to their original source, which most likely developed in childhood.

When we go back to that place, we have the opportunity to acknowledge and heal the core wound. We do this by being mindful and compassionate with ourselves and reconnecting with our inner child – for when we look at ourselves as children through the lens of innocence, how can we possibly believe that we’re not enough and not worthy of love and acceptance? To follow are a few ways to connect with your inner child: ~ Look at your baby photos and favourite images from childhood

~ Write a letter to the child within you and reply from their perspective

~ Engage in activities you loved doing as a kid

~ Speak kindly to yourself when you're feeling fearful or anxious

~ Parent yourself: reflect on what you need most during challenging experiences

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