Reconnecting with our creative expression

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

If you find yourself feeling ungrounded when it comes to your creativity – unsure where to focus your energy and how to express yourself – I highly recommend taking a break from social media for a week and avoiding trying to find the answer externally online or in books. These things can cloud our judgement where we're easily influenced by what the people we admire are doing, leaving us feeling even more confused and disconnected about how we want to show up and express our unique personality.

Whilst taking a break, I recommend getting outside every day for a long walk without any podcasts, music and other distractions – remember, the answer is within you, not without. During this week, take out a notebook and do some conscious, reflective writing on the following:

What is it that you admire in the people who most inspire you? Is it what they're doing in terms of creative output, or is it perhaps just the lifestyle they're living? E.g. running their own thriving business as an artist.

What creative hobbies do you enjoy doing regardless of whether anyone is going to see your work? Would you still pursue this particular craft if no one would ever see it? Does it bring you a sense of fulfilment?

What do you enjoy creating for the process itself? You might feel inspired to create a painting for example, or dream of being an author, but do you actually enjoy the process of producing a painting or piece of writing?

And lastly, think ten years from now... what do you see yourself realistically doing? What might you regret not pursuing?

Sometimes it takes a period of trial and error to learn what we like and what feels good. Don’t be hard on yourself – try something and if you don’t enjoy it, move onto the next thing.

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