1:1 Mindfulness for Mental Health

Mindfulness and in particular, learning yoga and breathwork, has proved to be invaluable in my overcoming social anxiety and body dysmorphia in my late teens and healing from a traumatic and abusive relationship in my mid-twenties. It's allowed me to experience true joy and fulfilment, make more conscious decisions about my future and ease into my new role as a mother without becoming consumed by anxiety and overwhelm.

Mindfulness plays an important role in our ability to make decisions that align with our values and goals, as it engages the parts of our brain involved in critical thinking, planning and decision making. It also keeps us centred and grounded in our body, in tune with the present moment, and prevents us from operating from a place of stress, fear and anxiety. Whether you’re making a career change, embarking on a new season of life such as motherhood, moving through a difficult breakup or looking to replace a bad habit with a more positive one, mindfulness is one of our greatest tools, and we can access it anywhere, anytime.

In our consultations, you'll learn mindfulness techniques, emotion regulation and healthy coping strategies that will assist you in managing stress and navigating complex emotional experiences. This includes a 45-minute Phone/Zoom consultation and a follow-up PDF summary of what we discussed. My mission in these consultations is for you to develop a set of skills that empower and support you through times of change.

Investment: $70.00
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