Pregnant Belly

There is absolutely nothing more motivating to me than assisting women to become the best version of themselves – to empower them to become healthy-minded so they can not only enjoy life but become strong and powerful mothers. I'm here to guide you through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period through my expertise in mindfulness, healthy coping and emotion regulation. Whilst I am here to support you mentally and emotionally through this transition, I do not replace the care provided by your midwife/obstetrician and childbirth educators, who are there to discuss all medical aspects of your pregnancy and birth. I am here to help you achieve your desired birth experience and help you navigate motherhood by providing you with a variety of tools and strategies you can utilise through labour and beyond, which includes mindfulness, breathwork, relaxation, yoga and pilates for birth preparation and recovery and education on infant bonding and attachment. I approach each client uniquely and holistically in alignment with your needs, concerns and wishes.


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