Yoga. Mindfulness. Birth Support.

I support women through significant life experiences by teaching them yoga and mindfulness practices, breathwork and emotion regulation – whether you’re approaching birth and motherhood, navigating challenging circumstances or wanting to adjust to a healthier lifestyle – my mission is to help you feel more confident, grounded and resilient during this time and beyond. 

My approach includes:

Holistic coaching

Mindfulness & relaxation

Breathwork techniques

Yoga postures

Pilates & body awareness

Emotion regulation

Effective self-care practices
Infant bonding & attachment

I combine my unique set of skills developed in teaching yoga, mindfulness and pilates over the past eight years, my deep passion for Ayurvedic philosophy and the knowledge acquired in undertaking a Bachelor of Psychological Science, to guide you in living more mindfully day-to-day and effectively managing stress and anxiety in the face of adversity and significant life events such as childbirth and motherhood. Research continuously demonstrates the incredible benefits of mindfulness, including aiding in emotional regulation in the brain and increasing our ability to access self-insight, intuition and morality. The skills you'll learn will enable you to have better control over your nervous system and in particular, modulating fear and the stress response, which is generally over-stimulated in the modern world. Through regular practice of breathwork techniques, yoga postures and pilates exercises, you'll also improve the functioning of your cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic systems as well as increase your body awareness, joint mobility, core strength and balance. 


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